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Acceptance Testing With Legacy Databases

One of the most common pain points of implementing automated acceptance testing is the interaction with the database.

For greenfield projects you can plan from day one how to setup the test to easily include the database interaction but with legacy projects it is not always that easy.

Maybe Null Is Not an Option

Tony Hoare calls null references his billion dollar mistake. Using null values (NULL, Null, nil, etc) makes code harder to maintain and to understand.

But what can we do about it? To start let’s review the meaning of null values …

Idiomatic Iterative Design

Lately I have been having fun solving the AdventOfCode. I mainly used Haskell to solve each day so I can learn a bit about Haskell and as a byproduct VIM as well.

In the last Ruby Meetup we used Day 7 to illustrate how to use Rantly for properties testing.

It was my first try to solve Day 7 using Ruby, and I wanted to find an elegant, idiomatic, short way to do it…


IMO, testing is a very important part of software development, but should we do black box testing or test every line of code?

How can we find balance between writing the right thing (BDD) and writing things right (TDD)?