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Using SmartView - Part II

In my last post I explained the basics of using SmartView to create a new project and add User Stories to a Story Map.

Now that we have stories in our Story Map, we are going to learn how to create releases and prioritize our work.

Using SmartView - Part I

Not so long ago I wrote a post about a lean project management tool that I have been working on for the past year and a half.

We are about to release the open beta and start collecting feedback before our official release.

Though you can sign up and try it out on your own, a bit of help is never amiss. Here is the first installment in a series of posts to explain the basic steps for using SmartView.

The Path to No Estimates

Estimating is part of (almost) every project. It takes a lot of effort and more often than not is not accurate, predictable or flexible.

I remember filling in Gantt charts and entering dependencies between tasks, trying to guess the length of the unknown and using magical breakdowns to justify decisions. The result? Disappointment and an increase in stress.

What lies between “It will take as long as it takes” and “Create task breakdowns for everything”?

Can we be more predictable? I do think so, but it requires learning, discipline and a profound desire to improve things.