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RoR Course Content

Here is the content that I’m going to cover in the RoR course I’m giving on June 14th – to 18th at NMM:

Ruby content

  • Introduction to scripting languages
  • Introduction to unit testing, functional testing, BDD
  • Great Ruby and Rails free resources
  • Basic git usage (distribute version control system), github
  • IRB, rubygems
  • Basic Ruby syntax
  • Classes and inheritance in Ruby
  • Ruby blocks, closures, iterators, examples of use
  • Basic usage of Ruby standard library
  • Modules, mixins, multiple inheritance in Ruby
  • RSpec, Cucumber

Ruby on Rails content

  • Introduction to MVC for web frameworks, Rails history, comparison with other frameworks
  • Serving static content
  • Rails ORM (ActiveRecord), migrations, database backends Joins, validations, associations, named_scopes
  • Controllers, information sharing, filters, permissions Helpers, idioms, code smells
  • Routing, REST, nested resources Login, logout, sessions, attachments
  • Gem management, plugins, git submodules
  • Advanced forms, custom form builders haml, sass will_paginate, paperclip, authlogic, formtastic
  • Rspec-rails, cucumber-rails, other test gems
  • Rails console, Rails runner Scripted deployment
  • Testing web applications, modern Rails testing
Each day will consist of an explanation of the subjects, practical examples illustrating the concepts and hands on time to implement a series of exercises using the topics presented during the day. Any questions please contact me!