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Presentation at Codemash

Wow, first day of CodeMash and so far it's being great! It's really an awesome conference! Yesterday at the precompiler, I went to the " Getting Published in an Evolving Industry: How to Survive and Even Thrive" with Jason Gilmore (@wjgilmore) and learnt a lot about writing books and how to publish, I'm really tempted to write an ebook! Then in the afternoon I went to the "Git Immersion" session and was pretty interesting, is a tough call because for every session I go there is another four I can't ... Today I'm going to do my presentation about IronRuby. I uploaded the slides and code to the presentation page, please feel free to download it and check it out before the conference. In order to run ir u need to: * Install Iron Ruby from http://ironruby.codeplex.com/ * Remember to put it in the path * Install rake: igem install rake * Install bundler: igem install bundler * Check the tasks: rake -T * Setup dependencies: rake setup * Build: rake * Run the tests: rake test That's it! Please contact me at @abarylko or amir@barylko.com if you have any issues. Hope to see you at the session! Say hi if you are at codemash! Now, in the afternoon, which session to go.... which session to go.....