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Automocking With .NET

Just confirmed! On Nov 19th I'll be the host of the .NET user group meeting.

This time we will talk about using StructureMap  to generate our dependencies for our System Under Test (SUT).

We will go over writing base specification for testing and how to generate dependencies and use them to stub or setup expectations.

See u soon!

Microsoft TechDays Canada

I''ll be presenting this year at Microsoft TechDays Canada. I'm super excited! Here is a brief description of my presentation:

SOLIDify Your Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Applications

Object-oriented programming makes it easier to manage complexity, but only if you do it right. The five SOLID principles of class design (one for each letter) help ensure that you’re writing applications that are flexible, comprehensible and maintainable, and we’ll explain and explore them in this session. We’ll start with a brittle ASP.NET MVC application that’s badly in need of refactoring and fix it by applying the SOLID principles. This session is a good follow-up for Introducing ASP.NET MVC, but it’s also good for developers of ASP.NET MVC looking to improve their code – or even if you’re not planning to use ASP.NET MVC. The SOLID principles apply to programming in any object-oriented language or framework.

December 15-16 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre

Hope u can make it!

Mock the Mock AAA

I updated the code I used for the mocking presentation at the code camp to use AAA syntax focusing on keeping the test simple and testing just one functionality per test. AAA syntax is part of the additions to Rhino Mocks 3.5. Here is a link with the explanation. Here is the complete source code with all the tests. Mock The Mock Source Code with AAA Syntax Enjoy.