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The Path to No Estimates

Estimating is part of (almost) every project. It takes a lot of effort and more often than not is not accurate, predictable or flexible.

I remember filling in Gantt charts and entering dependencies between tasks, trying to guess the length of the unknown and using magical breakdowns to justify decisions. The result? Disappointment and an increase in stress.

What lies between “It will take as long as it takes” and “Create task breakdowns for everything”?

Can we be more predictable? I do think so, but it requires learning, discipline and a profound desire to improve things.

An Owner's Journey

Not so long ago I celebrated five years of working as an independent consultant for my own company MavenThought Inc..

As a quality expert I had the chance to work with multiple companies and teams to help them “get better at what they do”. Inspired by all the successful results, I decided to reach this further and build a product to help teams work more efficiently.

Becoming an owner wasn’t easy. How did it come about? Well, it all started around 20 years ago…

The Case for CoffeeScript

I have been doing presentations about CoffeeScript for quite a while, now I feel it is time to put it in writing.

In the spirit of Peter Parker, Pepper Pots, Reed Richards and so many others I present you a language that I believe could change forever the way you develop web applications.

The Feature Toggle Conspiracy

Source Control Workflow

At the heart of many software projects (if not all), no matter which language you use (framework, IDE, etc) you have source code.

There is lots of tools out there (git, mercurial, SVN, CVS, TFS, etc) that help us to version the code and keep it safe so valuable changes are never lost.

However when working with a team choosing a tool is not enough and a workflow has to be agreed to ensure that the same practices are applied by all the members of the team, changes are merged properly, tests run, etc.