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Protegra SDEC 2010

I'm really excited about participating tomorrow of Protegra SDEC 2010! I'll be doing two presentations, check the schedule! As usual all the presentation will be uploaded to the presentations page. Any comments or questions feel free to contact me!

BDD Presentation at Calgary .NET User Group

This week I'm doing Udi Dahan's training in SOA in Calgary and I thought that would be a good opportunity to do a presentation in the local .NET user group. So I talked to the organizers (many thanks to Blake and David!) and tonight at 5:00 PM I’ll be doing a presentation to the Calgary .NET user group about behaviour driven development. We are going to see how to implement BDD with little effort but with huge gains for our day to day work. I'm going to do an introduction to the subject and then we'll  do a demo together step by step. As usual I'll upload the link to the code and the presentation to the presentations section in the blog. Hope to see u there!

Iron Ruby Presentation at Dot Net User Group

Tonight at 6:00 PM I'll be presenting a demo showing how to use Iron Ruby with .NET. Ruby is an awesome language that has lots of frameworks and tools that can be used to improve our day to day development. I uploaded the link to the code and the presentation to the presentations section in the blog. See u there!


Just finished my presentation about BDD for the ASP.NET MVC virtual conference! It was fun to have a virtual audience. I uploaded the code and slides to the presentations page. Any feedback would be appreciated! Feel free to ask any questions. Enjoy!