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Winnipeg Dot Net User Group

Delightfull web development with Elm slides

PrairieDevCon 2016

No Estimates slides

Codepalousa 2016

No Estimates slides

Winnipeg Agile User Group

User Stories Deep Dive slides


SDEC 2015

There's no charge for (functional) awesomeness slides

Codepalousa 2015

From Coach to Owner (lessons learned) slides


.NET User Group

Who killed object oriented design? slides

SDEC 2014 Winnipeg

From Coach to Owner - What I learned from the other side slides

SuperMeetup: Hipsters, Hackers, and Hustlers

Communication is the key to teamwork slides

Winnipeg Agile User Group

Acceptance Test Driven Development slides

Codepalousa 2014

Refactoring slides

Agile Requirements slides


PRDC 2013 Saskatoon

Agile Teams and Responsibilities slides

Rich UI with Knockout.js and Coffeescript slides and code

SDEC 2013

Refactoring slides

PrairieDevCon Winnipeg 2013

Rich UI with Knockout.js and Coffeescript slides and code

Codepalousa 2013

Rich UI with Knockout.js and Coffeescript slides and code

Winnipeg Agile User Group

Agile Requirements and Testing slides


ASP.NET Virtual Conference

Awesome HTML with UJS, jQuery and Coffeescript slides and source.

Dot Net User Group

Nuget Package Manager slides

WPG Agile User Group

Agile teams roles and Responsibilities slides

DevTeach / RubyTeach 2012

Intro to Capybara slides and source.

Writing Better Cucumber Specifications slides.

Wpg .NET User Group

Open Source libraries and tools slides.

Wpg Agile User Group 101 Workshop

Agile planning slides.

Kanban slides.


Agile planning slides.

Continuous integration with TeamCity slides.


Advanced design patterns  slides.

Decoupling with the Event Aggregator  slides  and code.


ASP.NET MVC vs RoR slides.

Advanced design patterns slides.

Winnipeg Ruby User Group

Page Objects Pattern  slides  and  code.


Advanced IoC with Windsor Castle slides and code.


Protegra SDEC

Advanced Patterns  slides.

RoR Trilogy Part I, "A new development hope"  slides  and source code

Wpg Agile User Group

Iterations 0 to N slides

Wpg Ruby User Group

"Why TDD" presentation slides and code.

PRDC Regina

Common TDD mistakes and pitfalls slides

jRuby and IronRuby slides

Edmonton Ruby User Group

Capybara slides

Edmonton Agile User Group

Agile Planning slides.

WPG Agile User Group

Agile Planning slides

WPG .NET User Group

Decoupling using an Event Aggregator slides and code.


CodeMash Iron Ruby - Match made in heaven slides and code.


WPG Ruby User Group

Capybara code and slides.

E.H. Price

IoC using Windsor Castle code and slides.

E.H. Price

Intro to IoC code.

MVC Conf

Quality Driven ASP.NET MVC using BDD code and slides.