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Ruby on Rails Training

On June 14th to 18th I’ll be giving my first formal RoR training here in Winnipeg. The course would take place at New Media Manitoba and if you’d like to attend here is the link to register.

Why you should attend?

RoR is a full MVC web development framework that would show you that developing web applications can be intuitive, professional, secure, easy and fun! What is so great about Rails? Here are some reasons:
  • It’s based on ruby, so you get all the power of a dynamic language.
  • Automatic dependencies and library management using Gems
  • Automatic relational mapping to databases
  • Behaviour Driven Development
  • Test Driven Development
  • Database versioning, migrations and seeding
  • Automatic REST implementation
  • Rake DSL
  • Support for multiple view engines (like haml)
  • Huge base of libraries (gems) and users around the world

Who should attend?

Any developer with basic knowledge of a programming language can learn RoR.

What do I get?

In this course you will build the confidence and real hands on knowledge to start developing high quality RoR applications. You will learn:
  • Ruby scripting
  • Rails MVC architecture.
  • Package management with Gems.
  • How to apply Behaviour Driven Development, and Test Driven Development.
  • Persistence mapping with ActiveRecord.
  • RESTful services.
  • Manage source versioning with Git.
  • Automated deployment with Capistrano.

Are you sure it’s a course for me?

Of course, it does not matter if you are a .NET, Java or Eiffel developer, RoR would open your mind to new concepts, technologies and tools that would complement and improve your daily tasks. Any more questions, please contact me at amir@barylko.com. Hope to see you there!